About Us

Sisters in Crime (SinC) is an international organization founded in 1986 to champion and promote women writers and content creators in mystery, thriller and true-crime genres. Today, SinC is made up of more than 4,500 members in 50+ chapters worldwide — authors, readers, publishers, agents, booksellers, librarians, and others who love mysteries. Serious and tragic or light-hearted and funny; sexy or sweet; suspense, spy, or serial killer. 

Crime writing has room for—and needs—new voices, different perspectives and new twists on stories with secrets and discoveries, of guilt and innocence, or justice and injustice. Sisters in Crime welcomes anyone who loves crime fiction: all genders, all genres, all stages of writing, all ages writing for all ages, and readers.

Sisters in Crime Los Angeles (SinCLA) was founded in 1988 and is one of the largest chapters. If you’re a crime or mystery writer, publisher, or fan, join us today. 

SinCLA is a non-profit organization. We rely on your dues and donations to educate, nurture and support and promote members, including both published and aspiring authors. Whether you are published, pre-published or you just love a good mystery, we encourage you to share your passion.

The Los Angeles chapter has monthly meetings featuring lectures interviews with accomplished speakers on the lot at Radford Studio Center, one of the city’s premier entertainment production facilities. We publish and promote a biennial anthology of members’ short stories selected in a blind competition, help promote our members’ work, offer educational programs on craft and the business of writing, a book club and organized critique groups.

We’re a vibrant and diverse creative community and we’re ready to be part of your success story. 

2024-2025 SinCLA Board of Directors


President: Nancy Cole Silverman
Vice President: Georgia Jeffries
Treasurer: Travis Richardson
Recording Secretary: Yolanda Reid
Corresponding Secretary: Melinda Loomis


Membership: Will and Janet Zeilinger
Speakers Bureau: Carlene O’Neil
Social Media/Public Relations: Scott Montgomery, Carrie Voorhis

Members At Large:

Alexia Forman
Shelly Marjolijn Meyer
Terry Shames
Peggy Rothchild
Anne Louise Bannon
Avril Adams
Frankie Bow
Elle Jauffret