Buckeye Crime / Sisters in Crime chapter presents:
Saturday June 25, 2022 8:00 AM PST (11:00 AM Eastern Time)
Nancy Tatarek, forensic anthropologist
“Who’re you going to call?”

Please feel free to join Buckeye Crime Writers this Saturday as we welcome past speaker and forensic anthropologist Nancy Tatarek! Dr. Tatarek teaches forensic anthropology at Ohio University, including a class titled ‘Bones, Blood & Violence,’ and has assisted central Ohio law enforcement for years as a consultant.

A body is found at a wooded site, in a shallow grave by the river. Skeletal remains, no clothing. A hole is in the parietal part of the skull, and the bones could be anywhere from a couple years old to a couple hundred years old. Who are you going to call? The police? The property owner? Your mom? Ghostbusters?

One person you will definitely want to contact is a forensic anthropologist. Maybe that hole was from a bullet or a pickax. Maybe it happened after the person died. Or maybe it was the result of trepanning, a procedure practiced by past societies to remove evil spirits or pooled blood from a head wound. A forensic anthropologist is somebody who studies such things, and we have just the person: Nancy Tatarek, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Ohio University.

We had her as a guest speaker back in March of 2018, and she was such a hit that we’d made plans to have her back again. But then . . . COVID. However, we’re pleased to now announce her return appearance via Zoom. After all, teaching classes with names like ‘Bones, Blood & Violence,’ Nancy is our kind of people. Dr. Tatarek has assisted central Ohio law enforcement for several years, including a stint as the Consulting Forensic Anthropologist for the Franklin County Coroner’s Office. And on Saturday, 6/25/22, from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (EST), you’ll be able to listen to her advice on what you may be doing wrong or what you could be doing better.

If you have questions about bodies, she has answers. All SIC members are invited to attend via the following Zoom link. Hope to see you there!


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