Avenging Angelenos


Cover Avenging Angelenos SINC / LA coverBack cover, Avenging Angelenos Anthology

“Sometimes revenge is the only option for what’s gotten under the skin.”

Los Angeles is the City of Angels. But these natives of Los Angeles don’t wear halos. From the beaches of Palos Verdes to the San Gabriel Valley, from Beverly Hills to Pasadena, this anthology sprawls across Los Angeles County with stories of vengeance, retribution and justice served cold. Avenging Angelenos, from newborns to neighbors, physicians to funeral directors, athletes, artists, students and teachers, have scores to settle and a nefarious itch under their skin that’s got to be scratched.

AVENGING ANGELENOS, a Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles anthology, is edited by Sarah M. Chen, Wrona Gall, and Pamela Samuels Young, with an introduction by Frankie Y. Bailey. It includes these original stories:

The Inkwell by Kathy Norris
The Queen of Mean by Paula Bernstein
The Magic Hour by Peggy Rothschild
Gunning for Justice by Laurel Wetzork
Best Served Cold by Gay Totl Kinman
Manny’s Angel by Jenny Carless
Avenging Superheros by Meredith Taylor
The Baby by Avril Adams
The Unkindest Cut by L.H. Dillman
Funeral Games by Hal Bodner
Christine Thirteen by Melinda Loomis

EPILOGUE with Norman August, moderator, and Sarah M. Chen, Wrona Gall and Pamela Samuels Young, editors.

AVENGING ANGELENOS, is available for order now from the publisher Down and Out Books, or from other major booksellers such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon

Considering featuring AVENGING ANGELENOS, for your book club? Find some suggested Discussion Questions below.

1) What do you feel the title AVENGING ANGELENOS, means?
2) What do you feel the theme of each story is, and does it tie back to the title?
3) Which stories do you think are “who-dunit” stories? Which feel more like they are a “how-dunit” story? Do any feel like they are “why-dunit” stories?
4) Which short story was your favorite and why?

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