Sisters in Crime/LA’s membership includes many authors, but also people interested in the mystery and crime genre. People must also be current with Sisters in Crime National in order to join or remain a current member of Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles.

If a member is not current with both national and local chapters, their name will not be listed.

If you are a current author member of SinC/LA, and would like your website linked to your name, please contact membership with a link.

Last updated: May 1, 2021

Barbara Allyn
Judith Ayn
Anne Louise Bannon
Rosalind Barden
Gayle Bartos-Pool (GB Pool)
Mike Belefer
Paula Bernstein
Toby Bernstein
Hal Bodner
Julia Bricklin
Shannon Muir Broden (Shannon Muir)
Lynne Bronstein
Craig Faustus Buck
Stephen Buehler
Gail Burch
Timothy Burgess
Lida Bushloper
Shea Butler
Ellen Byron
Jennifer Carless
Micheal Carocari
Yolanda S Reid Chassiakos
Sarah Chen
Anthony Chiarchiaro
Sarah M. Chen
Jennifer J Chow
Yvonne M. Corrigan-Carr
Matt Coyle
Diane L DeMille
Connie diMarco
Alice Dick
Lori Dillman
Jane DiLucchio
Jennifer Dornbush
Tori Eldridge
Dianne Emley
Elizabeth Faulkner
Henry Jay Forman
Wrona Gall
Daryl Wood Gerber
Kevin Gillogy
Judith Gonda
Lorie Ham
Glen Erik Hamilton
Sharlyn Harley
Betty Hechtman
Wendy Heard
Sue Hinkin
Brandyce Howard
Sherri Leigh James
Sybil Johnson
Linda O. Johnston
Amnon Kabatchnik
Susan Lynn Kingsbury
Gay Toltl Kinman
David Knop
Harley Jane Kozak
Kathy Krevat
Laura Levine
AJ Llewellyn
Melinda Loomis
Rosemary Lord
Sheila Lowe
Janet Lynn
Mary Marks
Paul D. Marks
Maggie MacKeever
Katy McArty
Alison McMahan
Raul Melendez (Peter Sexton)
Evelyn Moore
Lisa Morton
John Mullen
Claire A. Murray
Cynthia Naden
Linda Nakamura
Terri Nolan
August Norman
Kathy Norris
Gigi Pandian
Gary Phillips
Tony Piazza
Joan Renner
Suzanne Rizzolo
Pauline Rogers
Linda Rose
Peggy Rotsschild
Marie Roughhan
Carol Rotundo
Susan A Rowland
Vanessa A. Ryan
Pamela Samuels
Terry Shames
Lida Sideris
Heather Smart
Linda Smart
Patricia Smiley
Elena Smith
Veronica Smith
Sheila Sobel
Rochelle Staab
Laurie Stevens
Marie Stein
Romi Stepovich
Laurie Stevens
Barbara E. Struna
Robin Stewart
Holly A Sweany
Leslie Kay Swigart
Gobind Tanaka
Meredith Taylor
Wendall Thomas
Kate Thornton
Amaya Wasserman
Virginia Welker
Holly West
Laurel Wetzork
Mae Woods
Desiree Zamorano
Will Zeilinger