Entertainment to Die for

Since 1997, Sisters in Crime Los Angeles has proudly published biennial anthologies of original short stories written by members and chosen by blind selection. 

ENTERTAINMENT TO DIE FOR, a Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles anthology, is edited by Gay Toltl Kinman, Meredith Taylor, and Susan Rowland, with an introduction by Sara Paretsky. It includes these original stories:

All The World’s A Stage by Kim Keeline
As Seen on Television by Melinda Loomis
Careful What You Wish For by Nancy Cole Silverman
Death Under The Stars by James Bartlett
Destination Wedding by Frankie Bow
Duet by Cyndra Gernet
Freddie Farr, Behind The Bar by Carrie Voorhis
He’s No Gary Cooper by Mary Keenan
Murder in Xanadu by Lisa Morton
Mystery in MB by Laurie Fagen
Natural Causes by Yolanda Reid
Ordinary to Extraordinary by Lynda Palmer
Possessory Credit by Diana Gould
Red Carpet by Sherri Leigh James
Transylvania On The Tallahassee by Avril Adams
Unknown Sand Pits by Laurel Wetzork
The Untitled Location Project by Anne Louise Bannon
The Writers’ Room by LH Dillman

Entertainment To Die For is available for order now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers.