Unable to attend events and readings by your favorite Sisters and Misters in Crime? The SINC/LA Speakers Bureau brings them to your living room, library, or anywhere else your mobile device can go.

House Arrest is a virtual evening of readings by your favorite (or soon-to-be) authors of crime fiction, from cozy to hardboiled, with the occasional cocktail recipe, wine pairing, or lecture from a respected professional.

Hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of the Sisters in Crime, attendance is open to the public and  requires only a reservation and a computer, tablet, or mobile device that can run the Zoom application. Never used Zoom before? Check out their easy to follow device test here.



With readings by Jane DiLucchio, Carl Vonderau (San Diego), Shea E. Butler, E.J. Williams, and Ellen Byron. Hosted by August Norman.

RSVP IN ADVANCE HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUqceigqzotE9MuLl6vafyLIA7BTC9YhVCG



FEBRUARY 25, 2021: With readings by Leslie S. Klinger, Eva Montealegre, A. E. Wasserman, & Sue Hinkin. Hosted by August Norman.

NOVEMBER 19, 2020: With readings by E.A. Aymar (D.C), Anne Louise Bannon, Lida Sideris, Craig Faustus Buck, and Heather Young (NoCal). Hosted by August Norman.

OCTOBER 29, 2020: With readings by Holly West, Julia Bricklin, Jennifer J. Chow, Joan Renner, and Layne Fargo (Midwest Chapter). Hosted by August Norman.

OCTOBER 1, 2020: Featuring Bonnie MacBird, Edwin Hall, Sybil Johnson, Stephen Buehler, Glen Erik Hamilton, Wendall Thomas.

AUGUST 20, 2020: With readings by Kellye Garrett *NYC Chapter*, Paula Bernstein, Sarah M. Chen, Jennifer Dornbush, Laurie Stevens, and Pamela Samuels Young. Plus, Anne Louise Bannon will demonstrate the proper way to mix a Manhattan. Hosted by August Norman.

JULY 23, 2020: With readings by Tori Eldridge, August Norman, Sheila Lowe, Wendy Heard, L.A. Chandlar, and Matt Coyle. Hosted by Anne Louise Bannon.

JUNE 18, 2020: With readings by Ellen Byron | Maria DiRico, Gary Phillips, Anne Louise Bannon, Paul D. Marks, Nancy Cole Silverman, & Rachel Howzell Hall. Hosted by August Norman.