January 2024 Chapter Meeting

Sunday, January 7, 2024, 2 p.m.

Hollywood Woman’s Club

1749 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046

Networking 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Meeting 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Speaker: David Putnam, Readers: Janet Lynn and Will Zeilinger. Stay tuned for details.

Janet Lynn and Will Zeilinger will be reading from their book, STONE PUB.


Janet Elizabeth Lynn, and her husband, Will Zeilinger, have each lived and traveled over much of the world for business and pleasure. They have published eighteen books plus a few short stories and got
together to write the 1950s Skylar Drake Mystery Series. Their latest novel, “Stone Pub,” is a thriller set in 1962 and takes the reader on a dangerous trip to Ireland where betrayal and death lurk around every corner. Look for it written as Will Janns.

This creative couple lives in Orange County. After fifty-one years and six novels together, they’re still married.

Parking: The club has its own parking lot, which we are welcome to use. Enter using the driveway just South of the building.
Entry: The club does not use the front entrance. Please enter the side door from the driveway.

Covid Precautions

Covid case rates are way down and the new boosters for  variants are available. We hope you’ve gotten yours. Mask wearing is optional. If you are immune compromised or have medical conditions that increase your risk, by all means wear one. Make your own judgment. We want everyone to feel safe and no one to get sick. Please be considerate of others, and do not attend if you have any symptoms suspicious for a respiratory infection, join us on Zoom instead.

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