LAst RESORT was selected as one of ALA Book Club Central’s May 2019 picks, focusing on short stories by members of Sisters in Crime.

A set of discussion questions to accompany the book has been developed by one of the included authors, Georgia Jeffries, who submitted the anthology for consideration.

LAst Resort , a collection of 16 noir stories by both veteran and first-time SinC authors, offers a wonderful opportunity for Book Club members to share their favorite take on the glamorous Los Angeles underbelly of illusion, a place where true redemption hovers somewhere in the dark beyond the Hollywood sign. 

1) Which was your favorite story and protagonist? Why?

2) Have you — or has anyone you know— ever been tempted by the Los Angeles dream of fame and fortune?

3) What do all the story protagonists have in common?

4) Which story (or stories) do you think could be expanded into a full novel?  What would you like to see happen to the characters?

5) Which story (or stories) have sufficient drama to be adapted into a movie or TV series?  (These are L.A. tales so that might be the next step!) Who would you cast?

You can order LAst RESORT at retailers such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or check with your favorite bookstore.