Start March Off Right … and Write!
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Invite You to
Think Like a Journalist to Write Powerful Fiction!
with Multi-Series Author, Instructor and Writing Coach
Amber Royer

March 12, 2022
9:30 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
Register here: SistersInCrimeGrandCanyonWritersRegistration


  • Why does breaking down “who, what, why, where, when, and how” help you craft a memorable novel?
  • How will a journalistic approach make your novel’s theme resonate?
  • Which steps ensure that your story has the kind of momentum agents and editors are looking for?
  • How can you use journalistic techniques to connect with readers and develop multiple plot layers?
  • Why will looking at a story through a journalistic lens create a more complete world and a more profound, logical storyline?
  • Discover which details you should include or eliminate—whether your setting is real or imaginary?
  • How do you craft absorbing descriptions that draw readers in?
  • Learn new keys to captivating readers.

Amber Royer is the author of The Chocoverse Science Fiction Series and The Bean to Bar Mysteries. From Amber:

“I like to tell stories that involve complex characters caught up in sticky situations larger than themselves, with no easy answers in sight. If you’re looking for flawed romantic leads, danger and adventure, and optimistic multicultural themes, you’re probably in the right place. I write fiction about chocolate, aliens, solving murders, saving the galaxy, falling in love and more. My stories usually have a comedic element that comes across as the hope the characters need to get through the toughest times.”

WRITING INSTRUCTOR: “Over 14 years experience teaching creative writing for both teens and adults. My classes emphasize sound psychological character creation, and will help you ensure that your characters are displaying agency right off the bat, which will ensure that your story has momentum.”

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