What I Learned Helping to Promote the FATALLY HAUNTED Anthology

by Shannon Muir Broden


In my involvement with both the web and newsletter roles on this board, I found myself very much at the center of promotions for the anthology FATALLY HAUNTED, which the Sisters in Crime/LA chapter released in April 2019. One of my favorite parts was doing e-mail interviews with most of the authors in the anthology, which allowed me to learn about them as members as well as their stories, as well as practice my editing skills. Here’s a list of all of them, just in case you missed any. They’re all worth a read.

Julia Bricklin

Roger Cannon

Tony Chiachiaro

Lisa Ciarfella

Cyndra Gernet

B.J. Graf

A.P. Jamison

Micheal Kelly

Alison McMahan

Peter Sexton

Gobind Tanaka

Jennifer Younger


I also covered promotions in a visual way, starting with the cover reveal at the 2018 Holiday Party, followed by the early release debut of the anthology at LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS where I got to do my book signing of anthologies I was in alongside several people who had short stories in FATALLY HAUNTED. I had a great time, and I could tell that people loved getting the chance to meet these anthology authors in person.


Additionally, I got to hear many of the authors read their stories out loud doing photo coverage for the launch party for FATALLY HAUNTED.  They also got to sign books afterwards and interact with the guests. I liked hearing their own words in their own voices, though stories are meant to be enjoyed by anyone anywhere regardless of the reader. There’s still something magical in an author reading their own words.


Contributors to the anthologies have been on several panels talking about their stories and thoughts on writing this year, kicked off by a pre-release panel held in April in Brentwood at the local area library, which I also happened to be do coverage for. I really feel authors get to shine at these events, as they are asked  specific questions about the development and research of their stories, and on their own writing processes.



My last experience this year was photographing the author signings for FATALLY HAUNTED as part of California Crime Writers Conference 2019, where attending writers and editors signed copies of the anthology.



Even though I wasn’t published in the anthology, being a part of helping my fellow members be recognized really helped me in my growth. I’m naturally pretty shy, and as I didn’t know many people who made it into the anthology, ended up interacting with quite a few people for the first time, and that networking I found to be a valuable benefit.

So what’s next? Our next board will have the task of deciding what the next theme will be. Follow the Anthologies page for all the latest details in the coming year. I’m excited to find out what will be in store.