Sisters in Crime/LA’s membership includes many authors, but also people interested in the mystery and crime genre. People must also be current with Sisters in Crime National in order to join or remain a current member of Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles.

If a member is not current with both national and local chapters, their name will not be listed.

If you are a current author member of SinC/LA, and would like your website linked to your name, please contact Membership: with your website link and ask for it to be updated.

Our current and past presidents: (Members
whose names are in red have website links.)

Norman Klein
Leslie Klinger
David Knop
Susan Kosar-Beery
Harley Jane Kozak
Kathy Krevat

Elaine La Marr
Kathleen Lawton-Trask
Thomas Leighton
Winnie Li
Renee Lonner
Melinda Loomis
Sheila Lowe
Janet Lynn

Nicole Maggi
Tim Maleeny
Fiona Manning
Shelli Margolin-Mayer
Katie McArthy
Marjorie McCown
Kate McGee
Laraine Mestman
Axel Milens
Alison McMahan
Scott Montgomery
Evelyn Moore
Lisa Morton

Cynthia Naden
Kris Neri
Alexander Nemser
Carol Newhouse
August Norman
Kathy Norris
Maxine Nunes

Carlene O’Neil

Lynda Palmer
Dennis Palumbo
Gary Phillips
Annie Porter
Nannette Potter
Kate Pretorious
Tonya Price

Kwei Quartey

Linda Reid
Joan Renner
Suzanne Rizzolo
M. ReShor
Michelle Rodenborn
Pauline Rogers
Ona Russell
Peggy Rothschild
Susan Rowland
Vanessa A. Ryan

Nina Sadowsky
Terry Shames
Laurie Sheehan
Lida Sideris
Adam Sikes
Nancy Cole Silverman
Alice Sherman Simpson
Lia Skidmore
Heather Smart
Patricia Smiley
Lisa Marion Smith
Veronica Smith
Sheila Sobel
Rochelle Staab
Sonya Steele
Marie Stein
Laurie Stevens
Leslie Kay Swigart

Meredith Taylor
Wendall Thomas
Kate Thornton
James Thorpe
Kathleen Troy

Jacqueline Vick
Carl Vonderau
Carrie Voorhis

Joseph S. Walker
Lauren Walker
Marilyn Welch
Virginia Welker
Jeri Westerson
Laurel Wetzork
Barbara White
Susan Wical
Anna Williams
Jacquie Wilvers
Mae Woods

Iris Yamashita
Pamela Samuels Young

Desiree Zamorano
Will Zeilinger