Our member newsletter, entitled Ransom Notes, is published for the entertainment and benefit of our members. For 2022, the newsletter release dates may be changed from monthly to bi-monthly or quarterly — stay tuned!


Besides including a monthly note from the Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles chapter President, it’s an at-a-glance way to get quick, easy links to content on the website of interest to you, including:

  • What the next chapter meeting or event will be
  • Article on the most recent chapter meeting or event
  • Links to articles written by fellow chapter members and posted on the chapter website
  • Other highly important news of interest that must be delivered direct to your mailbox

Watch for RANSOM NOTES the first of every month in your Inbox!

If you are looking for the e-mail featuring latest author releases and appearances, these appear in WHAT’S NEW THIS MONTH, sent out by the social media board member to our whole mailing list of people interested (members and non-members).