SISTERS IN CRIME/LA May 2020 Meeting Recap

On May 3rd, 2020, from 2 to 4 pm, Sisters in Crime/LA held their first official meeting on Zoom.  Members and the public were provided a direct e-mail with an RSVP link, as well as access to the link on the website.

Susan Angard read from the book, ON THE WINGS OF A LION.

Rachel Howzell HallSheila Lowe, and Laurie Stevens – the editors from the previous Sisters in Crime/LA anthology, FATALLY HAUNTED – provided their insights about the anthology process.


Tori Eldridge talked about the art of “ninja marketing,” sharing her experiences branding herself as a new author. She also focused on taking advantage of your existing networks of people who share similar interests to yourself, and finding ways to tie that into promoting your works, as part of locating people who can become part of a grassroots marketing team.