During the last couple of years, we created the HOUSE ARREST series via ZOOM, featuring members of the Sisters in Crime/LA Speakers Bureau. For more about past events, visit HOUSE ARREST

Add a spark of mystery to YOUR upcoming event!

To accommodate social distancing guidelines, SISTERS IN CRIME/LA is now able to provide speakers for your virtual events at libraries, book clubs, and more!  We can appear on your platform of choice, or speak to us about bringing our platform to you if needed. Details of what we can offer are below, and our services are free of charge. Contact our Speakers Bureau Director at [email protected] for more information.


The Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Speakers Bureau provides local libraries, book clubs, and organizations an array of authors to speak on the art and craft of writing the mystery/crime genre. We offer panels, lectures, discussions, or other ideas to suit your needs.

When we build a complete panel for you, panels are generally three to five authors, plus a moderator. Please let us know room capacity and any specific interests of the intended audience to help us craft the right event for you when first contacting us to set up an event.

Sample panel topics include, but are not limited to, the below – if you have something that is a need to your specific audience let us know and we will try our best to meet your need:

  • Cherchez la Femme: The challenges and delights of writing a female sleuth.
  • It’s a Mystery to Us: The writing process—where ideas come from, how characters are created, and how the book gets written
  • I Think I’ll Write a Book (Someday): How to get started on the road to publication
  • Just the Facts: The importance of clues and details and how they lead to cracking the case in mystery and crime writing, along with the research techniques to make crime writing believable
  • What Makes a Mystery Series Work?: Mystery series with multiple books are popular, but how do writers keep things fresh while keeping the series characters readers love?


Additionally, we can set up panels based around our latest biennial anthology, AVENGING ANGELENOS. The anthology is a benefit to members of our chapter, and for some their first publication experience. In this case, we will invite all authors to participate in a panel, and as many as can come will be a part of the event. We also provide the moderator. Additionally, if a group wants to read our latest anthology AVENGING ANGELENOS and invite some authors to a venue as part of an event, this is also an option – let us know the venue, date and time you are interested in and also take a look at the Discussion Questions featured on our Anthologies page.

HOW TO BOOK: SinC/LA published authors are available for events large and small throughout the greater Los Angeles area. To book an event at your venue—free of charge—contact our Speakers Bureau Director at [email protected].

Published SinC/LA members: to join the Speakers Bureau roster, fill out this short form with information about you and your books, along with a few searchable words related to the genre or niche in the keyword section. Note that you must be a current member in good standing with both National and the Los Angeles chapter to participate the Sisters in Crime/LA Speakers Bureau. 

Find out news about previous Speakers Bureau events!

♦ Attention Libraries:

Throughout the year, the Sisters in Crime national program “We Love Libraries” selects one library per month to be awarded $1000. Visit the national Sisters in Crime website for more information.